The ultimate dad joke compilation

Every time we go past a cemetery my dad pulls the joke “that must be a popular place, people are just dying to get in”. Every time.

whenever i say something about having an ache or pain or hurting myself EVERY SINGLE TIME my dad sais “i went to the doc and said ‘doc, it hurts when i do this.’ and he said ‘well, then, don’t do that!’” AND EVERY SINGLE TIME HE GETS THAT SPARKLE IN HIS EYE

i showed my dad the “look at all those chickens” vine and now every time he sees a group of anything at all he texts me a picture with the caption “chickens”


Pressed flower clear phone cases from Flower Cases on Etsy


*instantly takes a strong disliking to anyone who says “this is real music”*

One Direction - NRJ Music Awards 2013 - January 26th (x)


*stays home* i should’ve gone out

*goes out* i should’ve stayed home


Sisters meeting for the first time since adoption/separation. My baby girl on the right


this video is all over facebook but honestly you must watch it it’s the best thing i’ve seen all week i can’t believe teenage boys

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